RINSTRUM R420 Weighing Indicator

The R420-K402 indicator is a
comprehensive general purpose
indicator designed with both the
installer and operator in mind.
Flexibility is the key with its
award winning modular accessory
design. Modules include:
additional serial options,
input/outputs, analogue outputs,
external buttons and battery or
AC option.
The robust I/O has been
designed for direct connection
into PLC’s.
Powerful product configuration
allows for parameters like setpoint
targets, piece weights and units
conversions to be stored for each
Simple setup through a menu
system, either directly using the
alpha numeric keypad or through
our Viewer programme on a PC.
Operator friendly, with a large
two line display using logical
prompts, and dedicated and
programmable function keys.
Printing can be tailored with
custom record, docket or reports